Thursday, October 28, 2010

July...Science Works Museum

July...How Does He Do It??

I think poor little Owen has trained himself to be able to fall asleep almost any where

July...The Fourth!!


June...Scout Day Camp

Spencer's first year at Scout Day Camp. He got to be in the same group with Ean...glad they had each other!!!

June...More Pics of Owen at One

So my cousin has taken a picture of her kids in the same outfit(a dress for the girls that was her grandma's and her son in one of his dad's white shirts)every year on their birthday. I started doing this with my kids a couple years ago and with Owen this he is in one of Tyler's shirts. It will be fun to watch them fill the shirt out as they get older:-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

June 2010...Owen's 1 Year Pictures

I took Owen to the park and my cousin took his pictures for me. As you can see in some of them, he looks a little teary eyed. But after a while, he warmed up to more smiles(plus we found him a stick to play with too and he was all over that). I think they turned out great...Thanks Steph!!:-)

June 2010...Kyle and Owen

I just thought this was cute...Kyle can be a great helper with Owen sometimes. He was taking Owen for a ride one day and asked if I'd take a picture of them. What a couple of cuties!!:-)

June 2010...Fire Department Visit

My kids love to visit Papa at the fire station. My sisters and I took all our kids there back in June for lunch, and they got a sneak peek into all the trucks and got to spray the fire hose for the first time. Afterwards, my dad gave them each a fireman hat(which Kyle wore for the next few days).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

June 2010...Spencer's Last Day of School

Owen, Spencer and Jazzmin:-)

Anthony, Gabe, Spencer and Gavin right before a fun water game

Kyle and Noah hammin' it usual;-)

Zackary, Spencer, Jeremy and Ean just before leaving for SUMMER VACATION!!

Good bye Mrs. will be missed!!

June 2010...Baseball Season

Another baseball season came and went so quickly. I love that Spencer and Jeremy were on the same team again...they're sure a couple of cuties:-)

Spencer ready to get that ball

Receiving his baseball trophy after his last game
GO Yankees!!!

Jeremy, Coach Brian and Spencer